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"Wild Heart - A Tribute To Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac, is a dramatic and profession show that pays genuine tribute to the legendary band and it's legendary leading lady"

Wild Heart is now Glendale Ridge Vineyards exclusive "Summer Solstice" performer for their Summer Concert Series 

Hello everyone and happy 2018! Wild Heart is happy to announce that from June 2018, Wild Heart - A Tribute To Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac is now officially Glendale Ridge Vineyard's exclusive, yearly appointed "Summer Solstice" performer during their Summer Concert Series! So, every year starting June 23rd, 2018, you can be guaranteed a performance at Glendale Ridge Vineyard every third Saturday of June until the end of time :) ...  

There are exceptional reasons for attending this, and all other Glendale Ridge Vineyards scheduled performances for their Summer Concert Series! But lets allow some of the patrons of Glendale, all whom have left 5 out of 5 stars of each of the 25  reviews, tell you themselves: 

"My friends and I have been going to this winery for several years. We are happy it will be opening again this spring. Wonderful staff, helpful and friendly. They have nice places to stay outside with a pretty vista. There are several wines they produce that are my favorites." - Eileen Vincent 

"We were there for an anniversary party for our friends. The whole vineyard atmosphere is very conducive to casual conversation and early evening entertainment. I've volunteered to come help with the grape harvest." - Norm Stafford 

"Excellent place to host a wedding. The staff was incredibly accommodating and the grounds are gorgeous" - Ryan Williams 

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