Wild Heart featured in the The Vally Advocate May, 2015

Wild Heart featured in the The Vally Advocate May, 2015

Wild Heart featured in "Get Out With The Staff Picks" in The Valley Advocate, October, 2015

Wild Heart featured in "Get Out With The Staff Picks" in The Valley Advocate, October, 2015

Wild Heart article and interview on Masslive.com with feature in the Springfield Republican Newspaper:

WILD HEART on Masslive.com


"Amazing 'Can't miss show'! This act is a TRUE tribute! Costumes, stage presence, and vocals... You will not be disappointed as either a fan or as the hosting venue!

Donald Robert - owner: Maximum Capacity, Chicopee MA

Hi Shane,
Just want you to know how much I enjoyed seeing both “Wild Heart - A Tribute To Stevie Nicks” & “Good to Be King” at the Majestic Theater last night. Both bands blew me away!! I’m a BIG Tom Petty fan and was very impressed with “Good to Be King.” You convey Tom’s presence on stage and the music is spot on. I was happy to see my old friend Carl Hopkins on lead guitar. He has Mike Campbell’s chops down and then some. You chose wisely to include him in your line-up. Your vocals and guitar playing had me hooked from the first number. 
“Wild Heart - A Tribute To Stevie Nicks” was wonderful too!! Jami D really captures the spirit and vocals of Stevie Nicks and the backing vocals are “goose bumpy” great. Eva Marie Cappelli and Meredith Robinson complimented Jami’s lead vocals beautifully and Eva’s lead vocal on the Christine McVee song made me think Christine was on stage. I talked to your acoustic guitar player Len Desrochers and told him how much I loved his work on “Landslide.” Thanks for covering that song last night – it’s one of my favorites. Now about your guitar playing with “Wild Heart.” I’ve seen a number of Fleetwood Mac acts and it amazes me how many of their guitar players use a pick, unlike Lindsey Buckingham who uses his fingers “Travis Style” when he plays. Those players fall short in my opinion as Lindsey’s style is so unique. YOU on the other hand, go the extra mile and play Linsdey’s parts with your fingers in his style – capturing that sound. My hat’s off to you sir, for taking the time to approach the music the way it should be played. I am impressed. 
Please convey my appreciation to all the players in both bands for a great evening. I look forward to seeing you all again.

Dan Moraski
Bennie and the Jets, The Elton John Tribute


Amazing show tonight at Figaro Restaurant! A big thank you to Wild Heart - A Tribute to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. You guys rocked the house. We look forward to having your band back to entertain our guests again real soon.

Christian Sinclair - promotion & booking: Figaro Restaurant - fine Italian dining

"Thanks from the World Kielbasa Festival! Great band to work with... They promoted the hell out of the show and didn't let a soul down with their energy and sound... Great future ahead for this tribute and worked perfectly with their other show, Good To Be King - A Tribute To Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers... We will see this band again!"

Thomas J. Kielbania Jr. - owner: World Kielbasa Festival - professional drummer: Orange Crush

"I saw you guys at The Cannery in Southbridge and it was the best experience I've ever had! You're all so perfect, I felt like I was actually seeing Fleetwood Mac live. I haven't danced and sang that much in so long and it was so refreshing. You're absolutely astounding and I hope you keep doing this for as long as possible. This was the closest I'll ever get to seeing Fleetwood Mac and saying I'm satisfied would be an immense understatement. I absolutely you guys! You touched my soul last night, truly. My mom introduced me to Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks as a baby. She passed when I was 14 years old and being there last night made me feel closer to her than I've ever felt in the last 7 years. Thank you for recreating this fantastic music! Keep on trucking!" 

With love from a new fan, 

"Never will anyone ever find a tribute quite like this. As a club manager and booking agent it was an absolute pleasure to have them at my club. It was one of our best nights on the books in the 25 years we've been open. The show they put on is one that deserves a big stage and I would recommend them to any large venue. I myself would pay huge money to see this act again. Spot on vocals, killer musicians and charisma that no tribute band of ANY kind could compare to. I'm honored to have had them at my venue!"

Sara Blais - promotion & booking: Club Meadows, East Longmeadow MA

"Great performance last night by Wild Heart - A Tribute To Stevie Nicks with Jami D. singing the lead vocals. Was great having you all open the show at The Iron Horse Music Hall last night for us... Susan Angeletti Soul Band!! What a really fiery, high energy, very positive vibes kind of night!! Great Audience!!! Everybody played terrific thank you all so much for making the night really special!!

Susan Angeletti - national touring musician: Susan Angeletti Band

"I closed my eyes and i heard Stevie Nicks... When I opened them, I felt as though i'm at her show"

Michael Stutz
Professional musician 

7 Bridges Rd. "Songs Of The Eagles" - Moose & The Hightops - Alive She Cried "The Modern/Vintage Doors Experience"

No fewer than nine people on stage for Wild Heart - A Tribute To Stevie Nicks... Six-string, twelve-string and bass guitars, keyboards, two drummers (or one drum kit and one hell of a percussion set-up, and no fewer than three Nicksie ladies up front singing... So, counting the off-stage narrator, who narrates in between song sets with quick stories and trivia quips, there are actually ten bodies on stage...

Wild Heart is the brainchild of guitarist Shane Loiselle and singer Jami D, and delivers a lot of enjoyment to the full house here at Club Meadows in East Longmeadow, and for the performers as well. Eva Cappelli, for instance, would never otherwise touch a cover song (except the one she wrote for Patsy Cline), but she loves being a part of this project so much that she has been lighting up and gushing about it since rehearsals began a year or so ago. Shane's guitar has a broad-appeal 'feel' to it, as though Lindsey Buckingham's smooth fluidity were imbued with a bit of Bob Welch's tone and Danny Kirwan's pitch- and we know that he is rooted in the blues tradition of such as Peter Green...

Mick Fleetwood ain't got nothin' on Billy Klock, and with the band's percussionist, Jeff Alamed, it just gets better... Think of the rock-solid rolling thunder that is the masterful backdrop to "Go Your Own Way", and imagine it replicated so expertly that it matters not whether it is 'exact;' it is every bit as exciting to the average ear...

It's fairly unusual for the first act up to get called back out for an encore, but this is top-shelf talent here, and they have headliner caliber built right into their routine. Half of the band comes out for the acoustic "Leather and Lace" before closing it out with the rocker, "Stand Back."

>Jimm O'Donnell
Western MA Review